Writers, Doers, Believers

        You have passions, experiences, and stories to share. You may have
dreamed of, thought about or merely wished you could write a book about
it. You may also have wondered if that would ever be possible. It is possible,
and now is the time to begin.

        We, at From the Rooftops have created a workshop to help you get
your book off your wish list and on to your bookshelf!

        You can do this, let us show you how! Here are the first 3 steps:
    1. Save the date ~Saturday, November 16th~for a full day adventure
    2. Find the details, visit us at
    3. Register on- line
        You will not want to miss this unique opportunity! Hurry and register
as there is only room for a limited number of participants.
        It is your time to write and we are here to experience the journey with
you as you become a writer, an author!
Dust off your bookshelf,

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