Days Never to Be Forgotten

As a teenager I was anxious to fill my summer days tanning by the pool, meeting with
friends, securing a simple summer job to earn a little spending money, and just having
fun! Going to family reunions was not on my list of fun. My then limited view of this
gathering brought images of working with my mother to complete last minute
preparations; a boring car ride since my father monitored the music on the radio; sitting
at a picnic table in hot sticky weather; meeting older people who always seemed to
notice how much I had grown or how much I looked like my mother. What teenage girl
wants to look like her mother no matter how beautiful she is. My enthusiasm to
participate in family reunions was near the bottom of the scale, even if we were all
related. However, with some reluctance, I honored my parents wishes and
accompanied them to what appeared to be the highlight of their summer.
It took until I was married with children of my own that I began to appreciate the annual
gathering of families. I realized there was more than merely enduring the event,
showing up because it was expected or pleasing my parents. It is a time to replenish my
soul. May I share what I have learned, perhaps it will be enlightening for you.

Family reunions provide a welcome retreat from our daily living to feel the connection
with those on our family tree. We bask in the peace that we feel as we remember from
whence we have come. Taking advantage of the quiet, early morning or late night
opportunities to reminisce, brings back the joys we felt from days gone by, days never
to be forgotten.

Such events provide an opportunity to strengthen relationships, learn about the gifts,
talents and dreams of our family members. Playing our favorite games, taking in nature,
sharing interests and talents with a family talent show or exhibition of visual creations
are exceptional ways to build deeper connections.

I have come to understand that as we build trust and love, opportunities to comfort,
counsel together, minister and serve one another will be manifested. We can then
soften the challenges and concerns of those we hold so dear.

Family reunions are a time to learn, lift and love; a time to relax, remenice and
replenish. Gathering our immediate family for a reunion is no easy task since they are
spread across the country and at times from around the globe. But it is worth the
sacrifice to meet in our family home to pause and replenish our souls as we continue to
create new days never to be forgotten.

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