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Rooftop Publishing


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Golden Hive

Preparing families to become self-reliant through learning life skills including but not limited to meal preparation, organizational skills, and gentle living.

    "The beehive is the original home sweet home, a place mortared in hard work and love, forever golden and honeyed.

     The beehive is a graceful haven where hard work results in sweet rewards."

About Christine

Christine lives her life with uncommon exuberance. She has dedicated her life to serving her family, community. She strives to utilize and share all her divine gifts, talents, and skills. This helped her gracefully raise six children, own and operate a cooking school, become a co-founder and president of Rooftop Publishing, serve with her husband on two missions in Asia, and bravely return to university studies after a thirty-thirty-year hiatus to earn her bachelor's degree. In her writings, she strives to guide readers to discover the joys of life.

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